The Proper Way to Sell to Customers | Barry Randall

When running a business, trusting your intuition is something hard to explain to others, but it is SUCH an essential part of making sure that your business is successful.

One of the intuitive branding areas called Intuitive Sales is one that is crucial to you making sure that you attract the right type of customer to your business, and once you do, you are then able to use your intuition to create a customer journey that has them continuing to buy from you because they know that your products and services actually add value to their lives.

If you make the mistake of trying to serve the wrong type of customer, the opportunity cost of this decision has you wasting your time and effort on customers who will most probably not buy from you, where you could have spent even less time and effort focusing on customers who are willing to pay you for your products and services.

This is a topic that my next podcast guest, serial entrepreneur Barry Randall, talks about with me that has helped him become wildly successful as a serial entrepreneur, author, and business coach among other accomplishments.


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