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Like a bolt of lightning, intuition strikes and in an instant, lives are changed forever. Have you ever wondered why intuition helps you make the right decision at the right time, or why ignoring your intuition so often leads to disaster?

Inspired by stories of how intuition played a critical role in bettering people’s lives – or the terrible consequences of ignoring it, GUT! explores the nature of intuition: what it is, how to trust it, and how to use it to unlock your potential and achieve success in every aspect of your life.


With over 99% of businesses failing by the time they hit year five, those that lead these businesses need to tap into valuable resources that will help them beat these statistics to survive. This book helps leaders overcome business hurdles to accelerate business success by learning through the failures and challenges of others.

By being better prepared to tackle business hurdles, entrepreneurs are able to save time and money, directing resources to where they are most needed to move the business forward.

For those thinking of starting or expanding a business today, this book will help put them on the path to success by learning from the failures of others — instead of their own.



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