Core Values Drive The Right Behavior In A Company | David Zumpano & Guy Remond


When it comes to companies having a good set of core values, research continues to show that not only do over 80% of employees not know what their company’s core values are, but over half of the leadership also have a hard time reciting what they are. 

Yet, it is these core values that are necessary in driving the right type of behavior in any company, which led to one of my two podcast guests, David Zumpano, trust his intuition to fire his whole leadership team. 

Dave and I are joined by my second podcast guest, Guy Remond, who uses his intuition to not only create a great corporate culture, but he is able to take his technical background in understanding the expectations of customers to create a great user experience. 

In fact, it was intuition that brought these two together when David was looking for someone he could trust to develop the back end of Guidr, a software for those looking for legal services online that also allows the user to tap into the advice from legal experts the right time in the process.


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