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When you find yourself going through a number of professional experiences, what you may start to find is that there are some people you meet in the workplace whom you naturally connect with, and with time, there could be a natural friendship that is formed. 

But when you move on to another experience, you may not be able to keep in touch with them, yet, your connection with them is always still there. Perhaps you will never cross paths again, or, perhaps, when you trust your intuition that helps open the doors of opportunity for you, one of those opportunities might give you a chance to work directly with someone you enjoyed spending time with in the past. 

This had happened to my next podcast guest, entrepreneur, author, and coach, Mike Malatesta who had been fired from a job and when his intuition had him thinking about starting a business on his own, a past colleague gave him the fuel to start a venture together, growing it to over seven figures a year. 

In this podcast interview, Mike and I talk about how he grew to like the construction industry, how he got fired that led to him starting his new company, and how he needed to become selfish in running his business after his father and the person who gave him the nudge to start a business both died within months of each other, that then took his business to a whole new level.


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