Sharpen Your Intuition. Change Your Life.

Isn’t it funny that when there are critical moments in your life, using your intuition seems to guide you down the right path and ignoring it makes you wonder why you did?

Making decisions using intuition will not only prevent us from getting into precarious situations, but it also allows us to recognize the incredible opportunities that are in front of us, which moves us ahead.

Over 100 interviewees, including Bruce Croxon, Jim Treliving and Brian Scudamore, shared with me an unbelievable story of how intuition had played a significant role in their lives, including:

  • A military pilot who delayed his team for just 15 minutes, saving his team from a very grave military “situation”
  • A single mother who tossed away her six-figure salary and marriage to take care of her special needs children
  • Two former homeless people who catapulted from living on the streets to one making over $100,000 in real estate and the other being one of the youngest Executive Chefs in the area
  • A surgeon who relies on his intuition to find out how to operate on a patient, with the consequences of being very “serious”.
  • An accountant who had all the supporting documentation to sign off on an engagement, yet, felt he needed a second pass, and uncovered fraudulent activity

On the flip side, if you ignore your intuition, you either miss some incredible opportunities or find yourself in difficult circumstances that you could have gotten out of. So, why do we ignore our intuition if we really want to be happy?

The problem is that we fall victim to one of four hindrances outlined in my book, GUT!

  1. Being over-emotional
  2. Having too much ego (self-praise or trying to always “fit in”)
  3. Fearing failure
  4. Being too rational

These hindrances prevent us from listening out intuition that is trying to tell us what decision to make or action to take in any given situation. So, we ignore our intuition, and find ourselves in some difficult circumstances.

So, how do you sharpen your intuition to better your life?

The answer may seem simply, but like anything, it takes time and practice.

First, you need to follow the 5 step TRUST model:

Tune into yourself

Remove intuitive hindrances

Understand our intuitive drivers

Sense the internal indicators

Take notice of external indicators

Going though this model will help you recognize the signs that intuition is at play and shut down the intuitive hindrances that prevent you making the right decisions or taking the appropriate actions needed.

Eventually, you will be able to run your life based on intuition and, when you get there,  you will discover that you are truly happy in both your personal and professional life.

Trust your GUT!


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Sunil Godse

Sunil Godse

I help you take just 8 weeks to make business decisions, guided by your intuition, that eliminate your competition in under 14 seconds to catapult your business growth!

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