From Being Kidnapped to Coaching Entrepreneurs | Stephanie Palacios


When you ignore your intuition and go through a horrendous situation, you may start to question why you ignored all the signs that should have gotten you to back away from that situation.

But what is more important is that the silver lining that should come out of going through such a situation is that you start to trust your intuition to make sure that you take whatever steps you need to move your life ahead.

My next podcast guest, Stephanie Palacios, went through a horrific kidnapping that left her with both deep physical and psychological wounds, and the ONLY way she was going to make sure that she didn’t dive into an even darker hole was to start to trust HER intuition to only put herself in environments that had her take the steps to find happiness, surrounding herself with only those who truly want to see her succeed, and what’s most important, sharing her experiences with others.

THIS is intuitive branding at its finest where branding is not defined by a logo, a color, or even a tag line.

Establishing an intuitive brand is about you using your experiences, opinions, or characteristics in the case of a product or service, that has the intuition of others trust you, your product, or your service to move their lives ahead in some way, shape, or form.  

In Stephanie’s case, the shocking events that she went through and the path she took to overcome her trauma have had her turn those experiences into training programs, speaking opportunities, and helping entrepreneurs deal with the stresses that come up when running their businesses.


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